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Railway facilities:
You will find the technical characteristics of our facilities.
The Trains:
A compilation of all the rolling stock built by Tren de Palau.
If you want to visit us, here are our timetables
La Nit del Tren:
In the summer solstice "La Nit del Tren" is the principal feast of the Association.
The Town:
Inhabited since prehistoric times, this place appears in thousand years old documents
We are not alone in the world of trains. Here are some links to partners
Who are we?
Associació Cultural d'Amics del Ferrocarril
Entity with a non - profit, cultural and leisure character founded May 28th 1992.

Inscribed on October 26th 1992, with number 13.650 at the 1st section of Barcelona’s book, the Associations registry of the General Management of Right and Juridical entities, of the Law department of Generalitat de Catalunya.

Through a compliant way, it’s proposed to group together people of any gender, age and conditions that are interested in:

- Learning, investigating and debating…doing technical, historical and “industrial archeology” research related with the railroad.

- Build, test and exhibit...working scale models, with no other restriction to it’s creators imagination than it’s own skills.

It’s registered name is at “Can Cortes” Cultural house, and it’s principal activities are a Hostal del Fum’s park.
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Inner workings and authorities of The Entity
The Association Works according to the laws and democratic principles derived from Spanish 1978 constitution and Catalonia’s 2006 autonomy statute.

It’s governance bodies are:
- Member’s general Assembly.
- The Administration’s meeting plus the managers.
- The advisory board.
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Member’s general Assembly.
Is the supreme body of the Association’s governance and it’s gathered ordinarily once every 1st trimester of the year, and extraordinarily when it’s required according to the statutes.

Every member with legal permits has the right to talk and vote.

The Assembly chooses between its members the ones who form the Administration.
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The advisory board.
It’s formed by - All of the former presidents that ended their 4 year period.
- The 10 oldest members.

It’s function is to :

- Take responsibility of the executive management of the Entity if there’s no Administration available.
- Guarantee the Statute’s compliance when there’s a vote of no confidence
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The Administration
The members of the Administration have executive rights and are responsible of the compliance of the social objectives and of it’s agreements.
Each position lasts for 4 years
The Administration gathers ordinarily at least once every three months and it’s formed by the President, Secretary, Treasurer and at least 5 managers.

As of now there are the following managers:

- “Aula ferroviaria”.
- Railroad relations and infrastructure.
- Rolling stock and facilities.
- Mechanics.
- Public relations.
- Entities’ parties.
- Publications.
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The Federation
Our Association it’s inscribed as no.21 at the Catalan’s Federation of the Friends of the Railroad. bl
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What is MOROP?
European association of Modelrailroader and Railroad Friends.

MOROP is Europe’s federation that gathers and welcomes the many national  railroading federations. It has it’s headquarters in Bern (Switzerland) and it’s regulated by the Swiss legislature. MOROP was created in 1954 at Geneva thanks to the initiative of some modelism “fanatics” with the purpose of standardizing the production of the different scale model manufacturers

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Projects and realities of Tren de Palau
- Educational ”Aula Ferroviària” taking advantage of the educational potential of the park and the train, in collaboration with the city council and the Municipal School Board.
- Visits for scholar groups and collectives from Palau, invited by the municipality.
- Other arranged visits during work days
- "Compendium" passenger coaches, open and closed top
- Can Boada terminal station building to be used as: Archive, museum, exhibition and social place.
- 40 m double track tunnel 
- Vertical automatic signaling for crossings
- Centralized control, traffic regularization and signaling
- Mini ASFA system with ATP.
- Automatic public address system
- Radio communication
- Floor tiling for the platforms
- Station lightning
- Perimeter closing of CBe depots.
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How to become a member ?
Would you like to become a member of the Tren de Palau and get together with other people to research, design, build and exhibit reduced-scale trains, and between us all, to make the train that you would have had difficulties making on your own?

- If you are willing to collaborate on Saturdays and/or Sundays (as many as you want).

- If you want to take part in the running of a genuine railway.

- If you are interested in becoming part of a team building locomotives and carriages for the Association's Train, or making your own mobile material.

- If you like outdoor activities, forming part of a team of companions, part of a group of enterprising people who are not put off by difficulties...
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Tren de Palau - NIF - G60184371
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Associació Cultural d'Amics del Ferrocarril - Tren de Palau
Casa de cultura "Can Cortès"
Camí Reial, 56
08184 - Palau-solità i Plegamans - Barcelona
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